Stanley J. Narkier - Attorney and Mediator

Mediation Philosophy

Having represented plaintiffs and defendants for more than 46 years, Stanley Narkier knows litigation can be stressful, time consuming, and unpredictable. He believes that, if given the opportunity, litigants can creatively work together to amicably resolve their disputes. Mr. Narkier is a strong proponent of mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution.

As a seasoned litigator and experienced mediator, Mr. Narkier uses his skills in a strong but gentle way to encourage and facilitate dispute resolution in a non-adversarial manner. Stan has a unique way of connecting with people through his patient, good-natured demeanor and is keenly aware of the confidentiality aspects of mediation. He is a good listener and encourages participants to consider all options available in reaching an amicable resolution. Stan Narkier makes all parties comfortable with the mediation process, thereby earning their trust and confidence.

Scheduling a Mediation

For information on how to schedule Mr. Narkier as your mediator, please contact Mr. Narkier at (561) 689-5208. Times and dates are always flexible.
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